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SI Tools for Revit® Structure
SI Tools for Revit® Structure is a Revit Structure add-in that provides advanced selection capabilities for structural members.  Use the toolbar buttons to quickly select all beams, columns, or walls on a single level or in the entire model, regardless of type or material.  Or use the Advanced Selection options to select a custom combination of beams, columns and walls. 

Want to identify all 8X10 members, both beams and columns?  Or select all concrete members, regardless of size?  Or do you need to quickly find all members designated “not for analysis”?  It is easy with SI Tools for Revit Structure.
SI Tools for Revit® Structure
Autodesk® Authorized Developer Revit® Structure 2009 Compatible

Toolbar – SI Tools provides a toolbar of commands so that selecting all columns in the model is as easy as pushing one button.
Append – Use the Append option to append your next selection to the set of members already selected.
Level Specific – Selection commands can be performed on a single level, or for all levels in the model.
Advanced Options – In addition to individual commands for beams, columns and walls, the advanced commands allow selection of any combination of these members.
Customization – SI Tools provides configurable settings that are saved between sessions.
Documentation – A help file provides complete documentation on the feature of SI Tools and is accessible from all SI Tools dialogs.

Licensing and Support

SI Tools for Revit Structure is available free to registered members of Structural Integrators.  Download Now

Site and Enterprise licensing and support is also available – please contact us for more information.

As with all of Structural Integrators’ products, SI Tools for Revit Structure comes with 4 months of free technical support for individual licenses. For support beyond 4 months, maintenance plans will be available.

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