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SI Xchange™ for Revit® Structure and STAAD.Pro®
With SI Xchange™ for Revit® Structure and STAAD.Pro®, buildings modeled in Revit Structure can easily be exported to STAAD.Pro® for analysis and design. Changes in STAAD.Pro can then be sent back to Revit Structure. Alternatively, buildings modeling in STAAD.Pro can be imported to Revit Structure.
SI Xchange™ for Revit® Structure
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Export capabilities - SI Xchange sends structural Revit elements (beams, columns and braces), walls, boundary conditions, load cases and combinations, as well as point and line loads to STAAD.Pro. Both steel and concrete materials and section properties are supported.

Import capabilities - SI Xchange reads in wall, member, and material changes from STAAD.Pro to keep the Revit Structure model up-to-date after analysis and design are performed in STAAD.Pro. Changes to column and beam rotation and end releases are also updated in Revit Structure. New beams, columns and braces added in STAAD will be added in Revit.  Members deleted in STAAD.Pro can optionally be deleted in Revit.

Model any way you want - SI Xchange automatically breaks up continuous beams and multi-story columns for analysis in STAAD.Pro.

Name resolution - SI Xchange is preconfigured to resolve standard naming convention differences for steel section profiles, yet is flexible enough to allow for new mappings between profile names for firms that use customized or in-house naming conventions.

Customization - SI Xchange provides configurable options that are saved between sessions.

Reporting - SI Xchange displays a summary of exported members and provides a log file that identifies any problems on export.

Workflow Support - SI Xchange works when Revit Structure and STAAD.Pro are not installed on the same computer.

Licensing and Support

SI Xchange™ for Revit® Structure and STAAD.Pro® is available in a Lite version with basic functionality as well as a Professional version that includes all features.

SI Xchange Lite for Revit Structure is available free to registered members of Structural Integrators.

SI Xchange Pro for Revit Structure is available for purchase from our online store or by contacting us.

As with all of Structural Integrators’ products, the Lite version of SI Xchange comes with 4 months of free technical support for individual licenses. For support beyond 4 months and for free product updates, maintenance plans are available. A one-year maintenance plan is included with the purchase of the Professional version of SI Xchange.

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